Kathy Chebib

Achieving Balance in Pediatric Practice Operations

Kathy’s 40+ years of experience in pediatric practice management have evolved from a time before outpatient insurance, computers, and managed care to a place of high tech, millennial employees, and federal mandates… yet the challenges are largely the same. This informal Q & A discussion will cover problems, solutions that work, and adjustments that can help you find the “sweet spot” for your 2022 practice.


Kathy Chebib has been the Administrator of PracticeWell, formerly known as Pediatric Federation, since its inception in 1983. In addition, as a veteran practice manager, she has helped her pediatric group succeed for over four decades. Her consensus-building and creative problem-solving abilities make her an asset to both organizations.  

She has successfully overcome challenges faced by pediatric practices, including the introduction of managed care and the use of computers. She has been able to strike the necessary balance to maintain the health of both her practice and its patients. 

Each year, Kathy is instrumental in saving millions of dollars for participating members of the national GPO Physician’s Buying Group by negotiating discounts and rebates in her role as their Vaccine Program Manager. She envisions many improvements that can be made within the healthcare industry to help relieve the business burden placed on physicians and allow them to focus on patients and provide the best care possible.

Kathy had an early introduction to business thanks to being raised on a farm in Iowa surrounded by hardworking and enterprising people. A natural curiosity for science, along with work experience in a hospital lab during college, inspired her to focus on a career in healthcare. Kathy earned bachelors’ degrees in biology and history from Northeast Missouri State University, as well as her medical technology degree from Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine. 

Kathy’s experience as a  Registered Medical Technologist and a California licensed Accident and Health Insurance Broker add relevant knowledge. She has been able to accomplish all of this thanks to the help of a supportive husband, and two wonderful sons, who are now passionately involved with PracticeWell as well.