Robert Israel, MD

Culinary Medicine

Spend your afternoon with Dr. Israel in a hands-on culinary medicine session in Dr. Skinner’s gourmet kitchen. We will present a plant forward approach to cooking that is relentlessly and unapologetically delicious. This is not a penitential diet, but one that favors healthy, intuitive choices. You might call it a meat lovers approach to eating less meat for ourselves and for the planet.

All recommendations are evidence based and tasty… with emphasis on taste. We will consider how to help meat lovers eat less meat and enjoy it… how to reduce processed foods in our diet, and not miss them. We can discuss some of the popular diets currently being promoted and also the gut microbiome, the gut-brain-exercise-metabolism feedback system and it’s impact on health, the effect of dietary choices on planetary health or other topics in our time together. 

The best part? We’ll have a live cooking demonstration and you can sample some of these delicious foods right on the spot!

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Dr. Israel is a practicing internist who recognizes that to impact many of the diseases he sees in his office his patients have to take part in the solution with lifestyle modifications. He helps his patients take small steps toward their goals without getting overwhelmed. Culinary medicine is evidence based and addresses the nutritional deficiencies of the Western diet as well as the role stress and activity level play on patients’ success. The evidence for nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction is clear, and Bob has partnered with USA Health to launch a nascent division of integrative medicine and wellness.