Amy Phillippi, PhD

F*** That Bitch: Silencing Your Inner Mean Girl

Bullies come in many forms, all ages, and exist in the most unexpected places. But what is the actual definition of “a bully?” What happens when that person is YOU and turns inward to harm your own vulnerabilities? Surely you left behind your own “inner mean girl” once you graduated medical school, started your own practice, and became respected in your community. Right?!? 

During this conversation, we will talk about how to tell your still living and breathing negative and destructive voice to Shut The F*** UP for good. The goal of doing so is to help you strengthen the voice that says, “You can absolutely do this, you know what you are doing, you are strong.” By amplifying your inner confidence, you will strengthen your pediatric practice, your family relationships, and the very important relationship with yourself. It’s time to say goodbye to that bitch.

Small Group Workshop

  • Learn how to prioritize guilt-free self-care
  • Define boundaries between home life and work life
  • Establish automatic routines to maximize your quality time
  • Work past imposter syndrome
  • Improve the quality of your family relationships 

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Dr. Amy Hollimon Phillippi is a licensed clinical psychologist in Fairhope, Alabama. She earned her doctorate in psychology from Indiana University in 2004 and has specialized in family conflict, family substance use and family violence during her studies and career. Amy worked as a senior trainer for Functional Family Therapy LLC for 19 years and has provided training on evidence-based family therapy. Training for Functional Family Therapy has provided work opportunities throughout the United States as well as in Norway, Scotland, Ireland, and England. Amy has co-created a manualized treatment for adolescent and parent substance abuse; has worked on special projects for emerging adults with co-occurring psychosis and substance dependence in New York City; and collaborated with communities to enhance their child welfare and juvenile justice systems.

Additionally, Amy started her own private practice in 2004 in Fairhope, AL. She provides couples, family, and individual therapy. In this practice, she started collaborating with the Baldwin County courts to serve as a special master to provide Parent Coordination services to high-conflict co-parents. In this work, she assists parents who refuse to co-parent their children with respect and appropriate communication. This effort is of special importance to the courts as the research on the destructive effects on children in high-conflict co-parent circumstances is well documented. Amy has been deemed an expert witness in Baldwin County and regularly collaborates with attorneys and guardian ad litems for the best interests of children and families. 

Dr. Phillippi serves on the Thomas Hospital Foundation Board and the Fairhope Educational Enrichment Foundation board. She is active in the Fairhope and Baldwin County communities where she is raising her two daughters, Sophia and Lilly, with her husband Dr. Stephen Phillippi, who is the Chair of Behavioral & Community Health Sciences at the LSU School of Public Health.