Paul Vanchiere

Key Performance Indicators

Practicing pediatrics in a vacuum of performance measures is scary and inefficient. Paul will walk you through a series of Key Performance Indicators – KPIs – specifically for pediatricians which you can use to gauge your performance and make important changes in your practice.


Monthly Oversight Reporting

Running your small business takes consistent effort – you need to regularly review a series of important measures and confirm the state of your business. Paul will walk you through the primary reports that a managing physician and practice administrator should have in their basket each month.

Practice Valuation

Are you confronting a partnership buy-in, buy-out, or even a sale? Your discussions will need to be anchored in a realistic and fact-based assessment of the value of your business. Paul has worked with and valued dozens of pediatric practices around the country for a variety of purposes and has unmatched understanding of the economics of private pediatric practices.

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    With over 15 years of healthcare management and finance experience, Paul has worked with physicians specializing in pediatrics, cardiology and pathology practices. Combined with his experience working for a physician-owned health network and his involvement with physician practice acquisitions for the largest not-for-profit hospital network in Texas, Paul has a unique perspective on healthcare. He specializes in completing a comprehensive set of financial analyses, including practice cost, physician compensation, and managed care contract negotiations.

    Paul founded the Pediatric Management Institute to provide an array of services for pediatric practices of all sizes and maturity, focusing on financial and operational issues. He is involved in a variety of advocacy efforts related to ensuring access to healthcare and education for children with special needs.

    Paul is married to Laura Williamson Vanchiere, and they have three daughters, Anna Beth, Camille and Eloise.