Single User Access to Women In Pediatrics: Reveal Your Undercover CEO Content


Single-user access to all digital content from the Women In Pediatrics 2020 virtual conference, Mission: Reveal Your Undercover CEO.  Includes topics ranging from Graceful Self Promotion to Media Communications to Self-care to Advocacy, all designed for female pediatricians.




Weren't able to attend the 2020 Women In Pediatrics virtual conference, Mission: Reveal Your Inner CEO?  Does even one of the eight topicsdesigned specifically for female pediatricians, sound intriguing or important to you? You can now "attend" the conference with access to all 10.5 hours of amazing content.

Each of the seminar presentations and its handout is hosted on our e-learning platform.  Soon after your purchase, you will get an email with your enrollment details and an immediate link to a download for the workbook.

Advocacy | Melinda Willingham, MD, FAAP
Media Communications | Patricia Clark
Graceful Self-Promotion | Nola Ernest, MD, PhD, FAAP
Does This Make My Badass Look Big? | Chip Hart
Self-Care, Burnout, and Relationships | Amy Phillippi, PhD
Reveal Your Undercover CEO | Katrina Skinner, MD, FAAP
Branding and Promotion | Jennifer Jenkins
What Are You Tolerating? | Shelli Warren

The conference also includes a detailed, personal workbook.  The first 10 attendees will receive a bonus WiP Gift Box that was free to the attendees of the conference.