Akshata Hopkins, MD

Soup for the Superwoman’s Soul

Each of us listens, empathizes, and holds numerous stories everyday. Stories from our patients, our families, our communities, and even ones we tell ourselves create many deep emotions and experiences that need to be processed.

This small group session is focused on creating a brave space to share stories and develop fierce self-compassion. The workshop will be a special space for exploration, rummaging in your mind, figuring out what you think and feel, and getting it down on paper.

The sessions will include time for prompts and independent free-flow writing, followed by sharing. The time together is meant to create a confidential, humanistic space full of positive feedback and encouragement.


By the end of the small group workshop, participants will:

  1. Develop an overall understanding of how narrative storytelling can be therapeutic.
  2. Incorporate at least two exercises/resources to be able to use narrative storytelling as a way of processing and healing. 
  3.  Appreciate the potential of writing to help share experiences, raise awareness, and develop healthy self-expression.

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Dr. Akshata Hopkins is an academic pediatric hospitalist and residency program director at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida. After 14 years as a proud member of the University of Florida medical community in Gainesville and Jacksonville, she was excited to return home! 

As an “elder millennial” medical educator, Dr. Hopkins trains the next generation of pediatric clinicians and leaders to lead with intent, purpose, curiosity, and compassion. Utilizing modern teaching principles, innovative methodologies, and creative design thinking, she has built numerous personal and professional development workshops to guide trainees in self-discovery and professional identity formation. She incorporates storytelling, expressive art, and positive psychology to help foster provider self-compassion and humanism in medicine. 

Dr. Hopkins loves spending time outdoors with her husband and two hockey-loving boys. She can also be found exploring different mixed media and painting techniques and sharing them with those around her, including the incredible Women in Pediatrics group!