Sogol Pahlavan, MD

Self-Doubt: Friend or Frenemy?

If you are human, you have self-doubt. Self-doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. Why? because self-doubt keeps you STUCK IN INACTION. In this workshop we will discuss the cause and the evolutionary origins of self-doubt, recognizing and befriending your self-doubts. With simple step-by-step daily practices to propel you closer to your goals, you will leave this workshop empowered instead of fearful.


How to Relieve Stress Through Journaling

Did you know journaling reduces stress and anxiety? Your brain will tell you it’s just another unrealistic task on your to do list. However, when you stop and put down your thoughts and emotions on paper, you release your built up toxic negative energy. You feel lighter, more relaxed, and calmer. This interactive workshop will focus on different journaling techniques that are easy, simple, and quick to incorporate into your daily routine.

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My passion is to serve the low income community. I created a pediatric medical home that focuses on providing evidence based, comprehensive, and quality medical care for the underserved community. I now advocate at the state level for medicaid payment reform and integration of telemedicine to improve access among the underserved population. I have always been an advocate for independent private practice and encourage all physicians to take the leap and embrace autonomy and independence.

My newest endeavor is educating physicians on the importance of mindful living. After years of struggling with “chronic fatigue,” which is essentially unprocessed emotional toll, I became a certified Mindfulness Coach with a focus on female minority physicians. I am certified through the Life Coach School and I utilize their tools along with meditation, yoga, and breathwork to embark on an inner journey of self fulfillment to find JOY by connecting to the present moment. Visit my website or catch me on my podcast where I teach female physicians to fully take back responsibility for their lives by reclaiming their power and committing to being their most authentic selves.