Prasanthi Reddy, MD

The YOU Journey

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion” Dalai Lama. 

We all carry the weight of the various roles and responsibilities in our busy lives. We rarely have time to drop these roles and put down the responsibilities to examine our personal needs. As women doctors we move through life with unwavering empathy and energy both professionally and personally. Together, let’s take the time to show compassion for ourselves and discuss means of addressing our emotional and mental needs in this small group session.


In this session, attendees will:

  • Receive a practical guide to step into the fullness of their authentic selves.
  • Recognize that we share more in common than we realize in the journey of life.
  • Take time for self reflection and identify internal needs.
  • Share tools and resources for internal development.

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Prasanthi Reddy, MD, FAAP, is a general pediatrician and CEO of Rainbow Pediatric Center in Jacksonville, Florida. Originally from New York, she completed her medical school at State University of New York-Booklyn. She then completed her residency at Stonybrook University Hospital. She received further training and credentialing in pediatric concussions, travel medicine, and asthma education. She completed a fellowship in integrative and functional psychiatry. Currently, she is focusing her clinical time in pediatric behavioral health. 

With the goal of providing quality, caring, and cutting edge pediatric care, she founded Rainbow Pediatric Center in 2004. Under her leadership, the practice has grown to a much loved and respected practice with four locations and 15 providers. She developed programs in Rainbow Pediatric Center that are models of practice in pediatrics in asthma, telemedicine, lactation and behavioral health. 

Dr. Reddy served on multiple boards including Duval County COVID medical advisory, Northeast Florida Pediatric Association, President of foundation for a local non-profit organization (Child Guidance Center), board for addressing childhood hunger (Hunger Fights), Indian American Association of Northeast Florida, and National Pediatric Ql subcommittee. 

She is the recipient of several awards including patient choice award 2018 and “Top Pediatrician award” from Jacksonville Top Doctor magazine 2018, 2019, 2021, and 2022. In her free time, Dr. Reddy enjoys spending time with her husband and three sons. She loves traveling, music, and socializing with friends and is an avid tennis fan.