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You have a story to share and the Women in Pediatrics community is ready to hear it.

Nominations and applications are open for our upcoming Women in Pediatrics programs. Nominate someone, suggest a topic, or submit your own application to join our faculty today!

Developing the

potential of every woman.

Because we aim to develop the potential of female pediatricians, we encourage our attendees to apply as speakers. Our faculty program is designed to impact the most women possible, so we allocate our budget in a way that creates the most faculty positions rather than offering just a few full-ride opportunities. This means more women can participate on our faculty and we can deliver a more robust agenda for our attendees.

topics that

meet your needs.

Women in Pediatrics is the premier creator of personal development and leadership content for female pediatricians. Our flagship Retreat offers attendees the ability to craft their perfect experience with evoking plenary sessions, curated small groups, and personalized one-on-one coaching, all against the backdrop of a tropical paradise. We are always attuned to our attendees’ needs, working to vary our sessions and topics each year.

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about the session types.

Plenary Sessions

Our next-level speakers impress with their expertise and motivate with their personal stories. These power-packed and energizing sessions charge the audience up to tackle the day. What moves you to speak up and share?

Small Groups

Exciting workshops and facilitated small group sessions provide a curated schedule to meet our attendees’ needs. Do you have a skill that can be taught in a small group setting? Or a story that’s best shared in an intimate group?

1:1 Coaching

From practice management to personal development, we encourage our faculty to participate in our pool of 1:1 consultants at our events. These personalized coaching sessions are a great way to build relationships.

CME Available

We work with CMEfy to provide our attendees and speakers with CME credits for their session reflections. CMEfy is a platform that eligible entities can leverage to discover clinically-relevant learning inspirations.

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past faculty.

“A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman.”

-Melinda Gates

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frequently asked questions.

Who can apply?

We encourage anyone with a desire to share to apply for a faculty position. You don’t have to be a woman, you don’t have to be a pediatrician, and you don’t have to have prior speaking experience. If you have any or all of those things – GREAT! But there are no prerequisites.

Will CME be provided?

We work with CMEfy to provide our attendees and speakers with CME credits for their session reflections. CMEfy is a platform that eligible entities can leverage to prompt their clinicians to discover clinically-relevant learning inspirations. Learners launch into a separate digital portal to engage with an AI-powered reflective learning portfolio that rewards CME/CE credits.

What topics do you accept?

We focus on topics tailored to female pediatricians, including:

  • Personal development and leadership
  • Personal stories of overcoming challenges
  • Women’s physical and mental health
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Business literacy and entrepreneurship
  • Communication and relationships

Topics we don’t focus on:

  • Pediatric clinical content
  • Patient care management

Do you offer an honorarium?

We offer a base honorarium of $500-1000 per session at Retreat, depending on the session type. If you believe your expertise, experience, or influence justifies a higher rate, you may provide supporting evidence in the application.