Arpita Gupta DePalma, MD

The Anger Facade- What’s Really Going On?

This workshop will incorporate questions that foster a group discussion pertaining to why individuals react with anger and how negative emotions usually underlie and contribute to anger. The discussion will offer tips for individuals to implement so they can begin to increase their awareness around their anger triggers in a systematic manner, empowering them to respond, rather than react, when faced with difficult situations. Attendees will also be introduced to processing negative emotions as a method to mitigate their anger responses. 

By the end of the workshop, participants will:

  1. Improve awareness around anger triggers.

  2. Develop a protocol to implement when triggers arise.

  3. Recognize underlying emotions that lead to anger.

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Arpita Gupta DePalma, MD, FAAP is a successful wife, mother, pediatrician, CEO/entrepreneur, practice administrator, and professional’s mindset coach. She practiced pediatrics from 2002-2012 in Richmond, Virginia, after completing her residency at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. In 2010, she co-founded a medical practice, Virginia iSpine Physicians, PC, and became the practice administrator where her husband serves as the medical director. Arpita chose to take a step away from clinical pediatrics in 2012 to spend time with her young children and later established Peds Proxy, MD in 2018 to offer prn locum tenens coverage to pediatric practices in her geographic area. She learned about professional  mindset coaching from conversations with her residency colleague and began to experience its benefits after having to face and overcome the challenges of temporarily closing their medical practice for two months at the beginning of the  pandemic in 2020. Arpita’s personal journey with mindset coaching allowed her to increase her awareness of her daily thoughts and then recognize how those  thoughts were impacting her, in a negative way. Arpita evolved as she better understood that life’s challenges are what help each of us reach our end goals every day.  

After seeing the benefits of coaching first hand, she founded Thought Work, MD to help physicians and professional women learn how to identify, manage, and then let go of what is not serving them through transformational mindset coaching. Through her coaching, she helps powerful women learn how to stay ahead of their anger so that they show up calm, collected and in control, ready to lead and execute with poise. Arpita is dedicated to helping physicians and women find their inner voice, decide if it is serving them, and then help them advance to empower themselves to achieve success, while being happier doing so. 

Arpita specializes in helping clients with anger management, time management, perfectionism and self-worth issues, parenting and cultural disparities, business development, and any other area they want to up-level in their lives.