Molly O’Shea, MD

Burned Out: Shouldn’t I Feel Better By Now?

Adapting to life with Covid is harder than it seems on the surface. In this session, uncovering the hidden challenges women in pediatrics face will give voice to the heavy weight that slows us down. Honoring these difficulties, building on our strengths, discussing how to start reigniting the flame will wrap up the talk.


In this plenary session, participants will:

  1. Identify the hidden stresses that have added to the burden of Covid.
  2. List the way your body has responded to the stress.
  3. Describe how you respond in your relationships as a result of the stress.
  4. Choose one new strategy to implement to renew your joy.

Succeed By Failing Fast: Making Change In a Fast-Paced World


Are you more of an uber-planner or a sure-let’s-try-it type? Uber-planners often struggle to get new ideas going because they tend to see all the ways it could go wrong and need structure. Sure-let’s-try-it-types often try things, and if a barrier comes along, they are likely to abandon the idea. Both leadership styles can be frustrating to colleagues and staff.

In this workshop, you will learn a process of choosing a new idea, working quickly with a small team to operationalize it, assess how it is working after a short implementation period, revise the approach with the team, and redeploy. Rerun this process until the new idea is running smoothly and then create the formal procedure.

We will have small group opportunities to work through new ideas you bring or ones provided for you, so you can return to your office with a good understanding of how to deploy this approach.


  1. Identify issues in your organization that would benefit from a new approach.
  2. Define which issues are the right size to work through using this Failing Fast approach.
  3. Determine which template type is best to use for different types of process change.
  4. Work through a Failing Fast template with a team on site.

Connect with me…



Molly O’Shea was born and raised in Metro Detroit. She graduated from the University of Michigan for both undergrad and medical school and went on to complete residency at The Children’s Hospital of Michigan. 

Since residency, Molly O’Shea has been a private practice pediatrician and practice owner for over 30 years and during that time was a journal editor for the American Academy of Pediatrics and spoke locally and nationally on subjects ranging from mental health for children and families to the ins and outs of running a business. 

In the mid 1990s Dr. O’Shea founded (with 5 others) what is now the largest independent physician organization in metro Detroit, United Physicians, and soon after started a pediatric specific after hours clinic that serves the region. Later in her career, she was the first medical director for the region’s only Pediatric Clinically Integrated Network which was formed in 2018. 

Recently, Dr. O’Shea has been invited to be a consultant for the Health and Human Services National Covid Task Force for the Emergency Preparedness Team, providing updates to the nationwide group about COVID-19 in children and facilitating conversations around the controversies that COVID-19 has created. 

Dr. Molly is the Corporate Wellness Consultant for FordDirect, giving interactive webinars quarterly to the employees and twice a year to C-suite management. 

She speaks to international groups about recognizing and preventing burnout at home and work and recently has been hired by the State of Michigan as a consultant working to improve the social media, digital presence, and authentic voice for the Great Start to Quality Preschool program. 

Dr. O’Shea’s great passion is bringing people together to have meaningful discussions when their views may collide. Finding common ground, building mutual respect, and lifting up all voices allow progress to happen personally, at work, and in relationships.

For fun, Molly enjoys cooking, writing, and watercolor painting.