Katie Schafer, DO

That’s What She Said: The Art of (and Secrets to) Running an All-Female Practice

An honest and authentic look into a female driven business.

Katie will share her leadership experiences as the co-founder of a thriving, all-female pediatric practice. She will share honest anecdotes, insights— and lessons she has learned from five years of managing a team of 65 employees. 

Katie will share humorous and relatable tales of managing an excess of estrogen as well as, more seriously, the hard-earned wisdom of how to help diverse members of the team develop.

Be prepared to meet the six types of personalities you’re likely to meet at an all-female practice (or just in work life in general), and the secrets to both managing and working with them successfully. 


At the end of this presentations, attendees will be able to:

  • Relate to the leadership lessons learned from running an all-female practice,
  • Integrate insights gained on managing a wide variety of personality types in a practice setting, and
  • Respond to the unique demands of building and creating culture within an all-female office.

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Katie Schafer, DO, FAAP is a pediatrician and part owner of an all-female pediatric practice, Bloom Pediatrics, in Birmingham, MI. She is also an elected official in her city, serving a community of 20,000 in the first of a four-year term as a City Commissioner. She takes pride in developing a cohesive and cooperative culture in her private practice. She is keenly aware of the challenges facing women whose careers are centered on caring for others and takes pride in creating a culture of caring in the workplace. She enjoys spending her free time on the shores of Lake Michigan. Her hobbies include learning to play the piano and yoga. She is married and is the mom to two boys who are 5 and 7.