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Connect with other women just like you — female pediatricians passionate about their patients, families, and communities.


We provide content tailored to female pediatricians to help you achieve your goals and realize your potential.


We offer many opportunities for you to let your leadership skills shine. Interested in advocacy or mentoring? We can help you with that, too.

The 1st annual Women in Pediatrics Conference did not disappoint. All of the speakers were dynamic and the messages they conveyed will definitely help you uncover your inner CEO. There are excellent opportunities to network with other women in the industry and I look forward to attending the next conference.

Melinda A. Williams-Willingham, MD, FAAP

Decatur Pediatric Group

The challenges we face are different that those faced by other professional women. Therefore, the skills we need to overcome those challenges are also unique. The WiP conference helped me to build some of those skills – I felt like it was curated just for me. Nothing gives me the confidence to pursue my goals like being with other like-minded women charting their own paths! I am looking forward to next year’s conference.

Nola Ernest, MD, PhD, FAAP

Enterprise Pediatric Clinic

I just wanted to say that every experience I’ve had with WIP has been top notch. I feel supported, understood, and amongst sisters. I’m so grateful to you for creating a community to help women pediatricians thrive!!

Jasmine K. Waipa, MD

Keānuenue Pediatrics

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Hi, I’m Katrina Skinner, MD, FAAP! I’m a knitting-obsessed, independent pediatrician, entrepreneur, and advocate. I built my practice from the ground up right out of residency. You could say I’ve learned some lessons the hard way. But I’ve also had the advantage of learning from an awesome community of like-minded pediatricians.


We provide pertinent personal, professional, and practice related educational programs for members through virtual and (when appropriate) in person venues.


Whether virtual or in person, we’ll help you meet new people and reconnect with lost friends. We love planning parties almost as much as we love being pediatricians!